Pay What You Can - NEW to the Work It with MG App

  • I am passionate in the belief that movement is for everybody. I really want more people to be able to use the Work It with MG app - one of the few workout apps that doesn’t focus on weight loss, or “progress” photos, or restrictive ways of eating. 

But I know that at $20/month, a workout app can get expensive especially if that’s on top of a gym membership. Although we have discounted quarterly and yearly rates available via our website, I know that for many people, it’s preferable to pay month by month.

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This is why we have introduced a more accessible, more affordable monthly “Pay What You Can” option for the Work It with MG app.

You can now choose to pay either $4.99, $9.99 or $19.95 per month for the Work It with MG app. 

All of the Pay What You Can price tiers include access to all content and features of the Work It with MG app – all of the workouts, recipes, anti-diet content and more! 

The "Pay What You Can" option is only available via our website - you can sign up HERE.

And remember - if you want to workout with me for FREE, I’ve got lots of non-diet/non-weight-loss workout videos available for you on my YouTube channel, along with plenty of anti-diet culture content.

I would love to have you join us on the Work It with MG app - where you can learn how to break up with diet culture, connect with your body through movement and eating food that delights all whilst cultivating body acceptance and self-love.

Love, Maddy xx