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Learn How To Ditch Diet Culture With Me!

  • The Learn section of the Work It with MG app is now dedicated to helping you break up with diet culture and explore ways to reconnect with your body.

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There are already over 50 pieces of Learn content in the app with more to follow each month! Learn content comes in the form of videos, audio, and blog posts and is organized into 4 sections:

  1. #DietCultureDetox: Join my 21 day diet culture detox - the road map to ditching diet culture for good!
  2. DC Insider: We’ll delve into the societal factors at play when it comes to finding our way back to our own bodies under diet culture. 
  3. Diets Don’t Work: We’ll get into the science and the evidence behind the truth that diets don't work, and the alternatives showing positive outcomes.
  4. Body Connect: Let's rediscover what brings us pleasure and peace - from movement to food to self-care.
Watch the short video below where I talk about why I'm launching this Learn content and why I think it's so important that we change the way we engage with diet culture, fitness, food, and our bodies.
Love, Maddy xx